Anti-Spam Policy

Anti-SPAM Policy

What is SMS SPAM?

SPAM is any unsolicited, unexpected, or unwanted text message sent to a mobile phone in order to mislead or extort information from the person it is sent to. SPAM can also be a text message sent from someone who has not be authorized to send a message to that mobile number.

Our users specifically agree not to use our product to send SPAM. Our users must comply with the following principles:

  • Spike|Mobile services cannot be used to send SPAM.
  • No false, invalid or misleading information should be sent via SMS using our service
  • No SMS can be sent to a mobile subscriber without having previously obtained his/her consent
  • SMS campaigns must clearly identify who is sending the message, the way to opt-out of the SMS Club and that standard message rates & fees may apply

The Spike|Mobile Anti-SPAM Policy


In order to prevent SPAM to unwanted users, Spike|Mobile's user interface does not allow for the manual input of mobile numbers. Users must opt-in to a SMS Club by either texting a 'KEYWORD' to a 'short code' or by using a website widget where they enter their mobile number and receive a text message with further instructions.

An evidence of Spike|Mobile clients not adhering to this anti-SPAM policy will cause immediate disconnection of service, including freezing of any SMS credits already purchased.

Reporting Abuse

If you suspect yourself or someone you know has gotten a spam message via SMS whether or not it is from a Spike|Mobile subscriber, please click here to notify us. We will tell you how you can stop these messages as well as who to report this abuse to.

Spike|Mobile = No SPAM, EVER!