We're 'Brand' New!

In case you missed the announcement, we've changed our name! We will now officially be known as

Spike Creative Solutions. We're working hard on our new website and the official launch date will be January 6, 2014. 

The reason for the change is simple: our own growth and evolution. When we launched our business in September 2011, we initially just did SMS Marketing. Gradually we added mobile websites so at the time Spike|Mobile seemed to work quite well. As we grew, we started talking with our clients and asking them what they really needed. We started using our expertise in video and and social media to bring more depth to their online campaigns and to boost the effectiveness of what we were already doing. Building responsive websites was a natural evolution as well since it meant our clients could have one website to maintain that worked across all devices.

We also found when meeting people their first impression upon hearing "Mobile" made them think we were a cell phone provider. I would get lots of questions about what phone they should buy or how our rates compared to Wind Mobile or Rogers. Clearly, it was time for a change. 

The discussion began about who we were and what value we really brought into the world. What brought us to life and what did we enjoy doing the most? Where had our best successes been and where did we learn our best lessons? 

Spike Creative Solutions is simplicity. Most of the people we talk to understand the need for marketing, but don't understand how to start or where to seek advice. Our philosophy is based on flexibility: no two businesses are the same, neither should their solutions be. We use all of the tools in our arsenal (including some not listed on our website) to ensure whatever company we're working with gets the best solution possible. We don't try to push someone into something because it's the latest and greatest thing or because it's specifically what we offer. We first want to understand where the help is needed and then get creative in designing a solution (see where the name comes in now).

We're currently writing the content for our new website, and couldn't be more excited to launch that sucker into the world. First though, we need your help. Mike's charcoal lab Jake (pictured above) will be our lovely model. We're arranging a photoshoot to capture him in all kinds of different attire to bring some fun and personality to our website.

If you know of anyone who has any of the following costumes or props that we could borrow for a day, we would be forever grateful. Contact us on Facebook or Twitter and let us know if you're able to help!

  • Red glasses

  • Old style telephone

  • Chef hat

  • Red beret/paint palette

  • Stethoscope/scrubs

  • Construction hat

  • Director's chair

Thanks for all of the kind words of support and congratulations on this new leg of our journey. We couldn't be more excited!