FAQ for Consumers

Do I Have to Pay Anything to Receive Messages?

Standard messages rates & fees apply. What this means is all you’re getting is a text message. If you have a plan that covers text messages, then it will cost you nothing – it’s completely FREE! If you don’t have a plan that covers text messages, then you’d pay the 0.15¢ (or whatever your carrier charges) per incoming message. Spike|Mobile charges you nothing to receive messages.

Won't I Get Lots of Spam?

Absolutely not! We hate spam as much as you do. We promise not to send you any spam, ever! You’ll only receive messages from the businesses/events you opt-in to. Read more...

Do I Need a Smartphone to Sign Up?

No again. No app to download, no website to visit – you’re just getting a text message.

Is it Hard to Leave if I'm no Longer Interested?

Opting-out of a text club is just as easy as opting-in. Simply reply ‘STOP’ to the text your receive. You’ll get a message back saying you’ve been instantly signed out and will no longer receive any messages.

How do I redeem an offer that I’m sent?

Simply go into the business/event and show the text message you got which shows the coupon. It works the same as a coupon on a piece of paper, except you’ll always have it with you.

Can I forward these messages to friends?

Absolutely! Simply forward the message to someone else, just like a regular text message. In certain circumstances where a unique coupon code is used, it will only be redeemable by one of you. Invite them to join the Text Club so they can get a coupon code of their own.

FAQ for Businesses

Is SMS Marketing Really Expensive?

Mobile Marketing is more affordable than you think because redemption rates tend to be much higher than traditional forms of advertising. We can also measure the other marketing channels you already have in place. This information becomes invaluable when deciding where to spend your marketing budget.

Does Spike|Mobile Decide What Deals Go Out?

Sending coupons is just one of the ways to use Spike|Mobile to bring your customers back in more often. If you do decide to send out a coupon to your list, you choose exactly what goes out and you keep any profits as well! We’re happy to help with suggestions, but ultimately it’s your decision.

What if I run out of credits?

You’ll get notifications when you’re running low on messages reminding you to top-up your account. Should you have a lot of people signing up at once, our accounts come with an automatic overdraft type feature. This gives you flexibility if you forget to top-up before when you get your reminder.

How do I send messages out?

You have two options: You can either send them from your computer, or from your mobile phone. We’ll setup both for you and make it easy to understand. We’re can also pre-schedule blasts if you know of something coming up ahead of time.

Who keeps the contacts I collect?

You do! All of the contacts you collect are owned by you. We will never market to your list of customers. They are yours and it’s completely up to you what you send to them.

Do I really need a mobile website?

Absolutely! Without a Mobile or Responsive Website your customers are going to your competition. Period.

Take a look through our Blog for lots of articles stating the importance of having a website that’s mobile friendly.