Responsive Websites

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Responsive Websites

What is a Responsive Website and why should I consider one?

The number of devices being used to access your website is growing on a daily basis. What a Responsive Website does is adapt its contents, layout & size depending on the screen it’s being viewed on.

Pretty cool, right? Wanna see what we’re talking about in action? If you’re on a desktop site right now, shrink the window width and you’ll see our website change shape! Notice how some things disappear or realign themselves so they look better on a smaller screen size? That’s in essence what a Responsive Website does.

The advantage to a Responsive Website is that it allows you to have one website for every screen size. You update your desktop site and it automatically reflects that change no matter where someone is viewing your website.

If you’re thinking of rebuilding your desktop site, Responsive Design is the way to go. Instead of building a separate site for numerous devices, your site will adapt to whatever comes out even in the future.

If you have a great desktop site that you don’t want to change, we can overlay the Responsive Design so that it will only be shown when viewed on a mobile device or tablet and have a link so they can switch to the desktop site if they need more information.