SMS Messaging
Store clerk promotes opt-in text message campaign to each person who comes in by pointing out signage displayed in store.
Customer decides to opt-in since there is incentive for her in the form of a gift card draw as well as the promise to receive future promotions & new product arrivals directly on her phone.
Customer receives instant welcome message back from Spike|Mobile to confirm that she is now a member of the store’s SMS Club and has also been instantly entered into the store’s gift card draw.
Later that week while out for lunch with a friend, she receives an exclusive offer via text message for the store she had just visited. She tells her friend about her deal & how easy it is to opt-in.
She goes back into the store to redeem her 25% discount by showing her mobile phone to the store clerk. She became a repeat customer because she opted-in to their SMS Club.

SMS Marketing

Think of it like an email newsletter with a significantly faster open rate. If you have a message that you want to get out to many people at once, and be sure they read it quickly – SMS is the way to go.

As with any Mobile Marketing, but especially with SMS, there are two things to consider: Permission and Value.


  • Permission is fundamental. Each person you contact must have explicitly joined your Text Club by opting in by texting in via their phone or using the form on your website. They must also be given an easy way to instantly opt-out if they’re no longer interested.

  • Reaching your customers anywhere they are is very valuable for a business. You must always reciprocate this value by offering that value back for them to stay members of your Text Club. Always think like the customer: “What’s in it for me?”


Our SMS Marketing comes with many features to allow unique ways of interacting with your customers. No two businesses are alike; nor should your Mobile Marketing strategy.


We fully manage your SMS campaign so that you just need to give us ideas that we turn into strategies. We collaborate with you during the entire process and work together towards achieving the goals we establish at the beginning.

spike mobile 2waycommunications

2-way Communications

Uses the chat log feature to allow 2 way communication between sender & recipient. Your phone number always stays private as the conversation travels between both parties using our short code ’76000′.

spike mobile customerfeedback

Customer Feedback

Ask your customers how their experience was by asking them a series of questions based on their most recent visit.

spike mobile smsdrip

Drip Message

If a customer opts-in today, you are able to send them prescheduled texts at predetermined lengths of time. Useful if you have an offer that with an expiry date, or to follow up on a sales lead at future intervals.

spike mobile instantoptout

Instant Opt-Out

No matter what SMS Club someone has opted-in to, they can just as easily opt-out. Simply reply ‘STOP’ to opt-out of a Spike|Mobile SMS Club and receive instant text confirmation that you will no longer receive future messages.

spike mobile listofphonenumbers

List of Phone Numbers

For sales or event coordinators, you are able to have a list of all people who have opted-in to your SMS Club. This way you can send individual messages or follow-up with a phone call to see if they need further assistance.

spike mobile mobilecoupons

Mobile Coupons

Spike|Mobile allows you to give distinct coupon codes to each phone that receives the message. This enables you to track data from your campaign to measure it’s effectiveness.

spike mobile qrbarcode

QR Bar Code

Let customers scan a QR Code on their smartphone. This brings up their text message app & prepopulates the phone number field with ’76000′. In order to prevent SPAM, the customer sill needs to manually input the KEYWORD.

spike mobile randomwinner

Random Winner

Let customers scan a QR Code on their smartphone. This brings up their text message app & prepopulates the phone number field with ’76000′. In order to prevent SPAM, the customer sill needs to manually input the KEYWORD.

spike mobile realtimereporting

Realtime/Monthly Reports

Our system tracks all opt-in/opt-out data for your KEYWORD. See which methods work best to get your customers to opt-in. Alternatively, you can see how many opt-out when you send a SMS Blast.

spike mobile scheduledsms

Scheduled SMS

Know about a future event or sale? Pre-schedule the text beforehand so you don’t have to remember. This is also useful for appointment reminders. Giving someone 24hrs notice can reduce the number of no-shows you have.

spike mobile voting


Having a contest, competition or a new menu item? Let your customers decide their favourite by texting in to vote. We track all the data which can be shown up on a screen to show everyone who’s winning at that moment.

spike mobile websitewidget

Website Widget

Allow website visitors to opt-in to your SMS Club by entering their phone number on your website & clicking submit. They will receive the same confirmation message on their phone as if they had opted-in via text.