SMS Plus Mobile Sales Page

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SMS Plus Mobile Sales Page

The SMS + Mobile Sales Page is a unique hybrid product created by Spike|Mobile. It combines SMS Marketing with a templated Mobile Website so that setup is fast and easy.

Benefits of using this hybrid system

are the quick delivery of SMS combined with the rich content you’d find on a Mobile Website. Instead of getting back just a text message, they’re taken to a site where they can find out more information and also have a way to contact you if they need more assistance.

The benefit for your business is that you keep a list of contacts sorted by the Mobile Sales Page they were interested in. If you were a car dealership or realtor for example, you’d be able to have a list of contacts sorted by each vehicle or house so you can not only send them relevant information regarding changes in pricing, but also call them to see if they would like to book a test drive or ask if they’d like to visit the house in person.

If you’re hosting an event and you want to measure different marketing channels to see which ones are most effective, the SMS + Mobile Sales Page can help. Use a different Keyword on each marketing avenue to get people to text in for more information. They will all get back the same Mobile Sales Page, but you’ll be able to know exactly where they found out about it. This kind of information becomes invaluable when deciding your marketing budget next time around.

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Finger Flip Photo Album

Have a high resolution photo album at your customers’ fingertips. They are able to click on a thumbnail image to open an album they can then flip through using their finger or trackpad.

spike mobile clicktocontact

Click to Contact

Make it easy for someone to contact you with a simple click. Click to call, click to email & click to text. This opens the applicable application on their smartphone and makes it easy for them to get in touch with you.

spike mobile qrbarcode

QR Bar Codes

Scan a QR Code using a smartphone and it will instantly bring up your mobile site. You don’t want to have a QR Code load a non-mobile site, it doesn’t make sense.

spike mobile video

Video Clips

Take them on a video tour or show them a clip that describes your event or organization. Whatever you choose, it will add another level of sophistication to your mobile site.